Taking Care Of Pets

There is a saying, having a pet is almost like having a child. Once you own them, then regardless of the consequences, you’ve got to nurse them, feed them and take care of them. Pets along with the additional protection, also bring fun, reason and motivation to our lives. Sadly, many pets especially dogs and cats have shorter lifespan than humans and require more specific care for living a long-healthy life.

Unfortunately, despite of their great love and affection for pets, most pet parents don’t even know the basic know-how of taking care of pets.

Knowing that, below, I’ve listed five fundamental tips; that will help you look after the pets without blowing hundreds of dollars.

Exercise With Your Pet

Recently, A study revealed that nearly 50% of pet dogs are obese in the US, UK, Europe and Australia, and 88% of pet dogs were likely to exercise without the pet owner (free-running walk or playing with other dogs).

Multiple factors can contribute to obesity. Primarily,

  • The all-time availability of food in bowls,
  • Lack of exercise and
  • The imbalanced diet.

Secondarily, some serious health conditions such as

  • Hypothyroidism(in dogs) and
  • Acromegaly(in cats).

Obese pets suffer tremendously if left untreated. Excessive weight decreases mobility and causes osteoarthritis, leading your pet to chronic pain. Diabetes Mellitus, shortness of breath, ineffective grooming or early fatigue are among other consequences.

To prevent obesity, you should maintain a balanced diet, do routine exercises and have regular veterinarian visits.

Socialize Your Pets

The only way of making your pet well-socialized is by ensuring proper training. Pets without that suffer fear, anxiety and aggression. It is quite clear now that how necessary pet training is. But the question that remains is: what is the best time to start training?

Well, the best time to start training pets is between 3 to 20 weeks because, at this age, they are fearless and have a variety of exposure to sounds, sensations and expressions. However, it is never too late; adults can learn too by way of different approaches.

Cuddling and handling them gently, familiarizing them with different people, food bowl exercises, preventing aggression and usage of litre box/toilet are the basics of making them socialize.

Provide Hygiene Environment

Ensuring a hygienic environment for their pets is one of the most fundamental features of dedicated pet care; moreover, their optimum health also primarily depends on that.

Pets, along with their fun and love, brings fur, dirt, and germs, and it can cause serious health problems for both parties if left uncleaned. They are famously known for being anxious and uncomfortable about their dirty area.

Cleaning pet beds and or blankets once weak will not only eradicate pet odour but also will maintain your pet’s coat and skin healthy.

Ideally, the daily wash of pet bowls will keep germs and bacteria away from your pet and, as cats shed a lot of hair with grooming, regular vacuuming will keep your beloved pet and your asthmatic or allergic friends/relatives healthy.

Provide Healthy Food

A healthy diet not only shows how much you care for your pets but is also crucial for them to live longer. The importance of appropriate food reflects by the fact that it is number four on the list in guidelines for the responsible pet owner issued by the US veterinary medical association.

Choosing the best pet food may sound daunting, but you can surely get that in no time by familiarizing yourself with different relevant nutrients and observing their response to them.

Design their diet as per their age, health conditions and the average amount of activity involved. Pet food comprised of protein, carbs and fats is a good fibre diet for most digestive systems.

Proper Identification And Research

Pets, youngsters, in particular, are more likely to hang outside and to get lost- that is why having proper identification is key to not making this happen. A safe collar or a tag that contains all your contact information and even implanting a microchip under your pet skin is generally advisable.

Research before buying a pet is something many ignores, though it is very crucial. Do a little research on What type of food your pet needs? What exercises suit them? And understand their psyche before buying a pet.

Also, before rearranging your living place, take a look around to check if the environment is safe and hygienic for your pet; look for potential hazards such as exposed cords and cables, identify poisonous plants and cut them.

Final Words

As I mentioned earlier, pets are like children, so it is entirely up to the parents how they want their children to look- Social or rude, kind or angry.

Doing exercises, providing them hygienic food and environment, spending time with them is not only healthier for them, but that also decrease your stress level and optimizes your health.

I could also have mentioned many other tips like vaccination, routined veterinarian visits, spaying and neutering. But I believe these are not much obligatory and are more optional choices.

-Bilal Q.



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